Seminar and Graduation Works

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Support of theses

In the context of theses, quality improvement funds of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia can be used, for example for the procurement of specialized literature or software, such as those of statistical data analysis. Please contact your supervisor if necessary.


If you are interested in writing your thesis at the Chair of Human Resources, you should first think about a possible topic related to personnel economics, as we do not usually advertise topics. Please contact Rebecca Tilkes with an initial idea so that you can be assigned to the appropriate research assistant. Afterwards you can discuss your idea with your supervisor.

Due to the quantitative orientation of the chair, empirical, model theoretical or experimental work is preferred. Literature work is also possible, but should be well econometrically or model theoretically founded by an exact method description of the paper used or model theory.




Please check first of all whether you meet the requirements for registering your thesis or whether you will have met them by the time you start your supervision at our chair. The examination requirements are defined in your examination regulations.

For the preparation of bachelor and master theses the one-time participation in the course Introduction to scientific work is obligatory. For seminar papers participation is voluntary.

After discussing the topic with your supervisor, you must prepare an exposé of no more than one or two pages in preparation for the registration interview, in which you should outline the research question of your work and the rough procedure. Please note the instructions for making an exposé.


Before the registration interview, please apply for the registration form at the Central Examination Office and fill it in.

During the registration interview you will present your exposé and questions regarding the content will be clarified. After the content of the thesis topic has been accepted, the topic will be determined. The registration form will be filled out by us and forwarded internally.

Writing the thesis

Please use the format template for theses of our chair.

Please note that the duration, scope and grading of your thesis is regulated in your examination regulations. Please check this before you begin your thesis.

At half time of your thesis, there will be an intermediate interview in which you will present the current status of your thesis.


The exact submission modalities can be found in your examination regulations (e.g. number of printed copies). In addition, an electronic version of the work must be made available to the supervisor. The same applies to the data used in empirical work.

For current thesis submission procedures at ZPA and helpful information, please visit the ZPA pages and FAQ.