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Portrait: Prof. Dr. Christian Grund

Prof. Dr. Christian Grund

Head of chair

Christian Grund is Professor of Human Resource Management and Personnel Economics at RWTH Aachen University. He studied economics and business administration at the Universities of Hannover (Diplom-Ökonom, 1997) and Bonn (Dr. rer. pol., 2001). He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University (Graduate School of Business), Aarhus Business and McGill University (Montreal). Before he moved to Aachen in 2012, Christian Grund held professorial positions at the University of Würzburg and the University of Duisburg-Essen.




Editor: German Journal of Human Ressource Management 
Research Fellow: IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor)
Research Associate: Center for Corporate Performance, Copenhagen Business School

Research Partner: Montreal Partnership for Human Resource Management 



Research interests

  • Personnel Economics
  • Employment Relations
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR & People Analytics
  • Behavioral Economics



Most recent publicatons


  • Competing trade mechanisms and monotone mechanism choice. Forthcoming in: European Journal of Operational Research, 280 (3), 1108-1121 (2020) (with Feess, E., Walzl, M. and Wohlschlegel, A.)
  • Career interruptions and current remuneration. International Journal of Manpower, 40 (5), 850–878 (2019) (with Gerst, B.).
  • The role of works councils in severance payments for dismissed employees. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 42 (4), 1–22 (2019) (with Martin, J).
  • Motivation Assessments of Temporary Agency Workers – an Empirical Analysis Based on Appraisals Compiled by Hiring Companies. mrev management revue, 30 (1), 5–39 (2019) (with Minten, A. and Toporova, N.).
  • The dispersion of bonus payments within and between firms. Journal of Business Economics, 89 (4), 417–445 (2019) (with Hofmann, T.).


10 Selected publications

  • Group (Re-) formation in public Good Games: The Tale of the Bad Apple. In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 145(2018), 306-319 (with Christine Harbring und Kirsten Thommes)
  • Social Comparisons of Wage Increases and Job Satisfaction. In: Applied Economics 49 (2017) 1345-1350 (with Maike Rubin).
  • Gender Pay Gaps among Highly Educated Professionals: Compensation Components Do Matter. In: Labour Economics 34 (2015), 118-126.
  • Job Preferences Revealed by Employee Initiated Job Change. International Journal of Human Resource Management 24 (2013), 2825-2850.
  • Incidence and Consequences of Risk Taking Behavior in Tournaments – Evidence from the NBA. In: Economic Inquiry 51 (2013), S.1489-1501 (with Jan Höcker und Stefan Zimmermann)
  • Evidence on Performance Pay and Risk Aversion. In: Economics Letters 106 (2010), 8-11 (with Dirk Sliwka).
  • Age Structure of the Workforce and Firm Performance. In: International Journal of Manpower 29 (2008), 410-422. (with Niels Westergård-Nielsen). 
  • The Dispersion of Employees’ Wage Increases and Firm Performance. In: Industrial and Labor Relations Review 61 (2008), 485-501 (with Niels Westergård-Nielsen).
  • The Wage Policy of Firms – Comparative Evidence for the U.S. and Germany from Personnel Records. In: International Journal of Human Resource Management 16 (2005), 104-119.
  • Envy and Compassion in Tournaments. In: Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 14 (2005), 187-207.
  • [Complete list of publications]

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